Welcome to The Morinda Coop. Sugar Mills Ltd.

The Morinda Coop. Sugar Mills Ltd., Morinda (Roopnagar) spread over a land of 66.5 acres, was registered in the Cooperative Sector on 10.04.1956 with a capacity of 1000 TCD (Tonnes Cane Per Day). After it’s commissioning in 1962-63, the following two expansions were carried-out:

i) First in 1978 from 1000 TCD to 2250 TCD by installing a parallel milling Tandem of 1250 TCD.
ii) Second in 1987-88 from 1250 TCD to 2500 TCD in TRPF system.

This Mills is one of the oldest Sugar Mills in Coop. Sector of the State and was commissioned nearly 44 years back. Since its commissioning, this Mills has seen many ups & downs including profit and loss, capacity utilization, stoppages and sugar recovery etc. It is true that this Mills was one of the best mills in the past with recovery of 10.60% in 1987-88 and the total highest run of 217 days in 1986-87. Keeping in view the potentiality of sugarcane having good sugar recovery in the area of this mills, our Board of Director had decided to obtain technical and financial report from National Federation of Coop. Sugar Factories Ltd., New Delhi for carrying out expansion of this plant from 2500 TCD to 3500 TCD but this idea could not be matured due to constant financial losses as a result of low realization from sale of sugar and on the other hand higher State Advised Price (SAP) of sugarcane announced by the State Govt.

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